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This classic-fit t-shirt is a timeless and essential addition to any wardrobe. Made from 90% cotton/10% polyester. Additionally, 33% of the energy used to manufacture this product came from renewable resources. Each t-shirt, crafted from silky soft ringspun cotton, boasts its own unique design. Some feature bold, abstract patterns that catch the eye, while others display intricate, hand-drawn illustrations that invite closer inspection. No two shirts are alike, reflecting the personal touch of the artists who pour their hearts into every creation.

These t-shirts are not only a testament to style but also to sustainability. The studio prides itself on its commitment to the environment. A significant 33% of the energy used in the manufacturing process comes from renewable resources like solar and wind power, highlighting the brand's dedication to reducing its carbon footprint.

Imagine wearing one of these t-shirts on a lazy weekend. Tuned into SendMe Radio, a popular internet radio station known for its Christian playlists and insightful talk shows. The soft fabric of the t-shirt feels comforting against your skin as you sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the latest hits. The t-shirt is not just a piece of clothing; it's a statement of your personal style and values.

The story of these t-shirts is shared widely, attracting customers who value both aesthetics and environmental responsibility. They become more than just apparel; they're a symbol of the culture and ethos of a generation that cares deeply about both art and planet.

SendMe Goodies Store Gorilla T-Shirt


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