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The Power of Division

When you think about it, division is a powerful tool. It often begins at the top; if someone can divide two people, they can easily divide four. Before long, you have multiple small groups that don’t communicate with each other. The divider then takes it a step further, setting these small groups against one another. This strategy is working perfectly on a global scale, affecting communities everywhere.

However, by being aware and conscious of your own actions, you can ensure that you contribute to positive change. This is essential if we are to address and reset this centuries-old problem.

The way division works is straightforward: once people are divided, they focus solely on their own paths. Numerous small groups head in different directions, while the divider sits back and marvels at the effectiveness of their plan, enjoying the benefits.

Division’s real power lies in its subtlety. It doesn’t make a loud entrance; instead, it quietly plants seeds of discord and mistrust. It exploits insecurities and differences, amplifying them until they seem impossible to overcome. In this fragmented state, unity becomes a distant dream, and collective strength is replaced by individual struggles.

Awareness and Change

Awareness is the first step toward change. By recognizing the patterns of division, we can begin to counteract them. We must strive to bridge gaps, foster communication, and build understanding. Unity is our greatest strength, and by working together, we can dismantle systems of division and create a more harmonious world.

In every action and decision, let us choose to connect rather than separate, to build rather than break down. The journey to undo centuries of division is not an easy one, but it begins with conscious, collective effort. Only then can we hope to create a world where the benefits of unity far outweigh the temporary gains of division.

Melanie Okorie

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