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The Power Of Advertising with Radio Commercials

Advertising is not a new concept! It has been a part of business for decades. The two are in partnership with each other. Opening a new business is honorable. I can be compared to a child, as you are responsiresponsibleitsitsble for its growth.

Knowing your demographics is imperative, as they are the ones you are dependent on, to patronize your efforts. It is challenging to take on all the different roles of an entrepreneur. Doing the sales, finance, marketing, coming up with creative ideas taking, stock, doing customer care, or doing the delivery. It can be an overwhelming and exhausting list. Even though you may have a passion for your business, it can be daunting tasking on all these different roles.

That is the reason a company has departments, one being advertising.

This department is just as important, if not one of the more critical departments, as it entails attracting potential customers and ensuring that they return.

You have to let your potential customers be aware of your presence. This is done through advertising. You need to let them know what you have to offer. Be bold in making them aware, that you need them to patronize your efforts.

It can be challenging taking on all the different roles as an entrepreneurimperativdepartments such as sales, finance, marketing, coming up with creative ideas, taking stock, doing customer care, or being the delivery person. This only manufactures an exhausting to-do list. Though you may have passion for your business, it is imperitive that you delegate roles or employ additional staffing.

That is the reason a company has different departments, one being advertising. This department is just as important, if not one of the more crucial department. It involves attracting potential customers to your business.

There are several ways of attracting new customers. An example of this would be to run ad campaigns, in the form of televtelevisionisions and radio commercials. Even though newspapers have been with us for centuries, ever since the printing press was invented. It was the origin of radio advertising, that was most effective, in offering companies, both big and small, the real-time ability to engage an audience into listening to what it had to offer.

They were able to stimulate the minds of the listeners, into needing what they have to offer. They did this by creating short humerous audio clips designed to stimulate their listeners into purchasing their productshumorous.

This method proved to work, as stated by historical records. It indicated that the first radio commercial was created by the WEAF organization, in the United States, by the communication giant AT&T in 1922. This is exactly 100 years ago at the time of this publication. The group was able to originate the idea of offering businesses the opportunity to be heard on their radio airwave in exchange for a monetary fee of $50 plus tax.

This method of radio commercials has proven to be most effective as the same format is being replicated over and over today. The first company that bought the innovative idea back then was a company called the Queensboro Corporation of New York, which used the advertising method to sell its real estate.

The history of radio advertising was born because marketers discovered the effectiveness and power that advertising in the newspapers brought. With that innovation companies realized that they could go a step further and reach even more customers with spoken words, instead of just print. So they came up with the idea of paying radio stations to implement their programs and schedules with advertising and sponsorships.

Advertising was more popular in the United States, as they were the ones who first discovered the power of radio, before countries like the UK and other parts of the world.

After the events of Pearl Harbor the then President of the United States President Roosevelt had a radio broadcast to discuss the event. Companies were amazed by the technology a quickly discovered that they also could use it as a way of communicating with their audience and selling their products.

This remains the same today with the introduction of social media companies are discovering that they have to work with professionals in the field of advertising and radio as the possibilities of reacher an even wider audience is endless. Numerous advertisers collaborate with these professionals to sponsor entire radio programs creating humorous short messages not expanding 30 seconds to a minute with catchy jingles to sell their products and let their names stand out in the minds of their customers.

By the early 1940s, the United States was already a commercial economic giant after the Great Depression companies scrambled to embed their brands in the hearts and minds of the American public and culture, and today that has not changed. However on the other end of the pond thanks to the BBC’s almost 80% coverage of broadcasting and ownership of the radio waves in the United Kingdom for many decades this was quite different and far less common as advertising caught on later and advertising and branding were not as fierce.

The United Kingdom caught on far later, some 30 years later. It was later recorded that in 1973 that the first radio commercial was broadcasted. With the launch of the London Broadcasting Company which was the very first commercial radio station in the entire country.

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