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SendMe Radio Mountain Top Prayer 150 Days of Psalms Invitations

In the serene setting of a high mountain peak, enveloped by the early morning mist and the soft rays of dawn, an inspiring event unfolds that attracts individuals from various walks of life seeking a closer walk with Jesus. SendMe Radio is a streaming internet radio station and every morning at 6:00 am the app features Mountain Top Prayer, 150 Days of Psalms on with Pastor Chidi Okorie.

SendMe Radio, a well-regarded Christian and community-focused broadcasting internet radio station, we are inviting you to our daily morning devotion "Mountain Top Prayer." Our theme for the next 150 days is a 150 Days of Psalms. We are inviting participants to engage in this 150 Days of Psalms each morning at 6 AM Eastern.

SendMe Radio’s aim is to provide a daily dose of morning devotion as we harness the power of prayer and cry out to the Lord for His profound wisdom and guidance, especially during this time. The book of Psalms instills peace, resilience, and hope and we will be taking our morning devotion from it for the next 150 days.

For those willing to join in this transformative prayer journey, SendMe Radio offers multiple ways to connect. Participants can dial in directly to the live session by calling 516 387 8860. Additionally, there's the convenience of listening live through our SendMe Radio's streaming service.

To cater to the digital audience, SendMe Radio has made the program accessible through its streaming radio app available on the App Store for iPhone users and as a podcast on the Google Play Store for Android users. We are also on YouTube and all other major streaming platforms.

The radio station and app go live precisely at 6 AM, eastern ensuring that participants can start their day with the uplifting words of God through the Psalms. For those integrated into the smart home ecosystem.

Alexa commands like "play SendMe Radio" make accessing the program as simple as speaking into the air, adding a layer of modern convenience to this awesome time with God.

By integrating technology with tradition, SendMe Radio's "Mountain Top Prayer" not only revitalizes your morning routine but also strengthens the community bonds among believers and participants. Whether you're seeking join us as we present each petition before the Lord of Host.

Join the SendMe Radio family every morning at 6am as we connect to God for a peaceful start to each day, this program offers a welcoming platform for all.

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