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London Boy!

Updated: Jun 19

London Boy Wearing SendMe Goodies London T-Shirt
London Boy T-Shirt SendMe Goodies Super Heros

Meet Ted Bearbiz, the brave and adventurous bear who proudly wears the Union Jack on his chest with his SendMe Goodies London Boy T-Shirt. Ted isn’t just any bear—he’s London Boy, a superhero known throughout the bustling streets of London. By day, Ted Bearbiz blends in with the crowds, strolling through Hyde Park, riding the iconic red double-decker buses, and enjoying fish and chips at his favorite pub. But when the city needs him, London Boy springs into action, his cape billowing behind him as he zooms to the rescue.

One evening, as the sun set over the River Thames, a call for help echoed through the city. The historic Tower Bridge had malfunctioned, stranding tourists and causing chaos. With a determined grin, Ted donned his cape and sprinted toward the scene. Using his strength and quick thinking, he managed to manually lower the bridge, saving the day and earning the cheers of grateful Londoners.

As London Boy, Ted Bearbiz's mission is to protect the city he loves, using his powers to keep it safe from harm. From thwarting mischievous seagulls at the Tower of London to helping lost children find their parents in crowded markets, Ted embodies the spirit of resilience and heroism. Every Londoner knows that with London Boy around, they have a steadfast protector who is always ready to lend a helping paw.

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